Salon Dahlman Berlin, SnapShot Photography, 2013 Tiina Alvesalo

TEASER at Salon Dahlmann Berlin, SnapShot Photography, 2013 Tiina Alvesalo

TEASER is a selection of works by the most influential young Finnish contemporary artists. Founded in 2008, the gallery Zettenberg (former Showroom Helsinki) is showing the highlights of its programme at Salon Dahlmann Berlin. Combining a critical perspective and meticulous craftsmanship with a humorous and aesthetic treatment, the works of Jiri Geller, Mari Keto, Jani Leinonen and Aurora Reinhard explore the boundaries between constructed, commercial culture and individual, materialistic addiction.

TEASER presents these prominent Finnish artists by composing a strong body of works from international private and institutional collections. By including elaborate sculptures, accusatory installations and tenacious imagery, the exhibition provokes observant attention to the prevailing phenomena of society.

The Salon Dahlmann is named after Hildegard Dahlmann, the last owner of the house. The building in Marburger Straße 3 was acquired by the Miettinen family in 2010. With the Salon Dahlmann, Timo Miettinen has established a link to Berlin’s salon culture tradition, which emerged not far from the direct neighborhood in the area of the Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin.


Manifesto for the Modern Home

Manifesto via a few of Felix Burrichter’s favorite architects and designers:

Doors should always be floor-to-ceiling apertures, so as to not break up the geometry of the wall. ROGER BUNDSCHUH, ARCHITECT, BERLIN

Never paint your ceilings white if the walls aren’t – it’d be like wearing white socks with a tuxedo. And have at least one mirrored wall in your home. RICKY ClIFTON, DESIGNER, NEW YORK

Consider wall-to-wall carpeting. There’s nothing more amazing than a pattern that looks like it’s going to swallow you up. BETHAN LAURA WOOD, DESIGNER, LONDON

Include inglenooks whenever possible. DAVID KOHN, ARCHITECT, LONDON

Have as many statement pieces as you want. And don’t cover up materials. Just let them be what they are and do what they do best.


When hanging pictures on a wall, a Petersburg or Salon style of hanging should always be counterbalanced with a single, large and preferably abstract piece on the opposite or adjacent wall.


Build, install, hang and arrange everything symmetrically. ETIENNE DESCLOUX, ARCHITECT, BERLIN

Never put a nail into a wall. Always use doublesided tape! Stick it, post it! JüRGEN MAYER H., ARCHITECT, BERLIN

Only buy furniture you plan on having and using for the rest of your life. PHILIPPE MALOUIN, DESIGNER, LONDON

Our culture overuses walls. Put your books, art and plants on the floor in an organized manner. Your place will feel taller and bigger. You will have less space for furniture, but the pieces you keep will be more important in your life. BEN ARANDA, DESIGNER, NEW YORK

Always have a sunken room…always! MATT OLSON, DESIGNER, MINNEAPOLIS

Avoid paper towels. Instead use lots and lots of white washcloths and white dishtowels. Also, drink wine out of crystal, not glasses. In the bedroom, always use cool colours — and no electronics! RAFAEL DE CÀRDENAS, DESIGNER, NEW YORK

Don’t buy the furniture that you think you need, just buy/find/steal good stuff as it comes along. Things need to come trickling in, even if that means that for a while you’ll have three good tables but no chairs. SAM SHERMAYEFF, ARCHITECT, BERLIN

Every home should have a built-in espresso machine that serves professional hot espresso at all times of the day. WINKA DUBBELDAM, ARCHITECT, NEW YORK

Aim for improved indoor air quality and calibrated light levels through non-stop electronic air filtering and doses of 2500 lux. VILLE KOKKONEN, DESIGNER, HELSINKI

Avoid overhead lighting, smartly placed floor and table lamps create a more comfortable home. LEON RANSMEIER, DESIGNER, NEW YORK

Pay attention to RCP (reflected ceiling plan), which is all the stuff that goes on your ceiling. SO–IL, ARCHITECTS, NEW YORK

Don’t confuse a House with a Home. Instead, try to create a Houme (House X home). Architects design Houses but people live in Homes. DOMINIC LEONG, ARCHITECT, NEW YORK

Organize your possessions into piles, climb on top and read important books while enjoying the view. ANDREAS ANGELIDAKIS, ARCHITECT, ATHENS

Always hire an architect or a designer. ASHE + LEANDRO, ARCHITECT, NEW YORK

The writer is an architect and the founder of PIN-UP Magazine, based in New York.


Jani Leinonen: Kerjäläiskyltit (Beggar signs) (2009–)

Jani Leinonen: Kerjäläiskyltit (Beggar signs) (2009–)