What happens when a person does not have a home in which to collect design objects? Or if the person has a home but for him or her life means just monotonous homeless dragging on?

We live a life of temporary homes at airports, in hotel rooms and workplaces. We work very hard in order to close ourselves in our homes at the end of the day. We collect and hunt for things in a hurry. When did we forget the original meaning of home and became homeless hunters? Why should we buyany more new chairs when a person can only sit on one chair at a time?

Thinking about the home, I think, is a good beginning for the manifest and for an International dialogue. This is why we asked twelve thinkers and design professionals in Finland and around the world to write their own manifestos. In this magazine these twelve apostles write about the home, each from his or her perspective. We who are making this magazine all have a home, but there are more than 100 million homeless people in the word,

Manifest is a collaborative design project made possible through a wide range of corporate partnerships. Manifest is published in Finnish and English, and during the design-theme year it will be distributed selectively in Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Milan, New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

The purpose of the magazine is to make you stop and think, and to inspire you to act so that coming design generations can have a good life. For a moment, Manifest is the home we share.

In Helsinki, 27th March 2012, the year of the Helsinki Word Design Capital.