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Rossana Orlandi at Gallery, SnapShot Photography, 2011 Tiina Alvesalo.

Luxuria – Not for Everyone, Writer and Creative Director 1998

Luxuria A Limited Edition book in English, Italian and Finnish with music composed by Kim Rantala and Jean Johansson. This is personal, visual story about a burned-out factory on via Confalonieri in Milan. The Empty, exhausted building was haunted by the consumer society’s yearning for carnal luxury, dreams and love of life.

Distributed in most popular booksellers in Helsinki, Milan and London. Academic Bookstore, Kiasma Store: Museum of Contemporary Art, Photo Books International, Waterstone’s and 10 Corso Como. Music composed by Kim Rantala and Jean Johansson. Language: Finnish, English and Italian.

Luxuria is part of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Library’s Collection. 

* luxuria latina < > suomi fi-en en-fi Käännös 1. himo Suku: f. Taivutusmuodot Genetiivi luxuriae Monikko luxuriae Datiivi luxuriae Monikon genetiivi luxuriarum Monikon datiivi luxuriis Monikon ablatiivi luxuriis Akkusatiivi luxuriam Luokat Substantiivit





























Founder, Editor in Chief, Publisher and Creative Director of PÀP Magazine 2000-2006

PÀP MAGAZINE was distributed in Academic Bookstore Helsinki, 10 Corso Como Milan, Collette Paris, Armani Store Milan and selective galleries and bookstores in 24 countries around the world: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and South Korea.


# Issue N.1 Spring – Summer 2002 Design is Everywhere

# Issue N.2 Autumn -Winter 2002 Fashion Gets Political

# Issue N.3 The Fashion Issue February – March 2003 Woman as a Wolf

# Issue N.4 The Design Issue, April – May 2003 Design your Life

# Issue N.5 The Art Issue June – July 2003 Art of Intimacy

# Issue N.6 The Hotel Issue August – September 2003 Move to a Hotel

# Issue N.7 The Fashion Issue, October – November 20003 Teens do it Better

# Issue N.8 The Food Issue, December – January 2003 Eat with Love

# Issue N.9-10 The Fashion Issue February – March 2004 The New Creative Class

# Issue N.11-12 The Art and Hotel Issue August – September 2004

# Issue N.13 The Fashion Issue October – November 2004, Agelessness

# Issue N.14 The Fashion Issue – February – April 2005, Who Am I Without You

# Issue N.15 The Design Issue / May – July 2005 Sound Of Style

# Issue N.16 September – October 2005 Sense of Design

# Issue N.17 November – January 2006 The Black Issue

# Issue N.18 February – March 2006 We Hate Women

# Issue N.19 Fashion Issue 2006 Fuck Art


It’s the tool to understand social changes and important phenomenas at new millennium. Working as Trend Forecast Consultant for high-profile companies such as Nokia, Paulig, Posti, Radiolinja (present Elisa), Siemens, Finnair, Nanso, Finnwear, Mozo and Sanoma.

PàpMagazine is a new international “Fashion Bible”. It is a tool for professionals to understand new aspects of world of fashion, and current social issues.

Pàp is an abbreviation of the word prêt-à-porter, a new concept launched in the late 1960’s when this sartorial fashion began to be industrialized. This development facilitated mass production of traditional haute couture, and fashion began to be made for wider circles of consumers. When designers created dynamic product brands, marketing, advertising and distribution channel concepts, the prêt-à-porter industry grew in to a global phenomenon.

By the end of the 1990’s, the prêt-à-porter industry had begun to produce interior design objects, furniture collections and service landscapes bearing the names of designers. Fashion designers conquered realms which had traditionally been considered area dedicated to product designers and architects.

Today pàp phenomena can be seen in interior design, the automobile, in the content of independent magazines, contemporary art, high-tech objects, advertising, concept stores, brand-categories as well as in consumer products and services.

Pàp is also an abbreviation for the word ‘papisme’, popeism. Pàp symbolizes prêt-à-porter’s attempt to be “the cultural almighty”. PàpMagazine has a mission to defend humanity, freedom and the good life.

PÀP Luovan busineksen 12 vuodenaikaa, Writer and Creative Director WSOY, 1999

A book in Finnish, titles in English. It was written to present social phenomena in the 21st century such as Slow Food, Nomadism, Immiration, Brand Legacy, Editing Expirience etc.

The book was launched in the venue of Helsinki Sanomatalo with DJ Tommi Grönholm (Sähkö Records) in co-operation with Taloussanomat.

PÀP Luovan Busineksen 12 vuodenaikaa is the part of recognized professional library collections in Finland.



# Editing Experience 10 Corso Como

# The Last Nomad

# Dogma

# Slow Culture

# Chappie Consumer

# The Bohemian Business Class

# Authentic

# Fashion Revenge

# Wearing Media

# Your Choice

# Stop Watching TV

# Lost Identity


Tiina Alvesalo, Cha Cha Club 1983, Photography by Stefan Bremer

Tiina Alvesalo Helsinki by Night 1983, Photography Stefan Bremer